Our range of NATA-accredited analytical services

RSK Labs conducts the following occupational hygiene examinations.

What we do

Respirable dust sampling and analysis (NATA-accredited)
Sampling and gravimetric investigation by Australian Standard 2985-2009. Dust sampled from a variety of workplaces, including quarrying, factory, foundry and mining locations.

Inhalable dust sampling and analysis (NATA-accredited)
Sampling and gravimetric analysis by Australian Standard 3640-2009. All types of dust, including welding fume, metals, aerosols and chemical mists, tested from a variety of workplaces.

Respirable quartz sampling and analysis (NATA-accredited)
Sampling using Australian Standard 2985-2009 and analysis by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy using the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) method for quartz (crystalline silica) in respirable dust.

Respirable quartz in bulk solids (NATA-accredited)
Testing powdered samples or bulk solids for respirable quartz content using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy and the NHMRC method.

Airborne sampling (NATA-accredited)
Sampling for organic vapours by the methods of Australian Standards 2986.1-2003 and 2986.2-2003 and for welding fume using Australian Standards 3853.1-2006 and 3853.2-2006.

Contact the laboratory for specific information on

  • sample sizes and transport information for asbestos identification examination
  • preparing sample filters for respirable and inhalable dust, respirable quartz and fibre analysis
  • hiring Safety in Mines Personal Dust Sampler (SIMPEDS) respirable dust cyclones and inhalable samplers

Other information
RSK Labs is accredited with ISO/IEC 17025. Our NATA accreditation number is 2515. In addition, our laboratory participates in analytical proficiency testing schemes within Australia and internationally.